4 Reasons Why Culture Is More Important than Strategy

[ Human Capital League| 12 jan 2012 | Derek Irvine ]

Recognize This! – “Strategy will only succeed if it is supported by the appropriate cultural attributes.”
1) Culture is more important than strategy.
2) Companies who align culture and strategy are more successful than those that don’t
3) Encouraging individual cultural attributes is the key to strategic and cultural alignment.
4) Maintaining a successful culture takes careful attention and hard work.

See also: It’s not the bricks – it’s the strategy that’s important

8 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Culture Is More Important than Strategy

  1. 7 reasons you shouldn’t touch systems thinking

    //You’ll still work in command-and-control land
    No-one else will understand what you are on about.
    KPIs, unit costs, benchmarking, targets, robust project plans, key priorities, strategic priorities, key strategic priorities. All of this will still be around you and you will have to pretend they exist, like unicorns or Santa Claus. Good luck!
    You might be dis-satisfiedwith the way things are, you may know that ISO/Lean/6 sigma/whatever is a pile of crap. But knowing WHY it is a pile of crap and how it could be made better, and not being able to effect that change…that is the thing that will make you properly unhappy. Genuinely and for the foreseeable.//


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