On the Shoulders of 112 Giants

In my book “Goal-Aligned Test Strategies,” I draw extensively on the work of others. This is a reference post to further credit my reviewers and to list the 112 references in the book.

Special thank you to Lonnie for my writing evenings and to Simon Wardley for finding a path.

Reviewers and Feedback

Referenced Quotes

“Making work visible is one of the most fundamental things we can do to improve our work because the human brain is designed to find meaningful patterns and structures in what is perceived through vision. Thus, it makes sense that we have difficulty managing our work when we can’t see it.”

Dominica DeGrandis, Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow, 2017

Today, we are offered a bewildering variety of tools and concepts to aid in analyzing and constructing strategies. Each of these tools envisions the challenge slightly differently. For some, it recognizes advantages; for others, it understands industry structure. For some, it identifies important trends; for others, it erects barriers to imitation. Yet, there is a more fundamental challenge common to all contexts. That is the challenge of working around one’s own cognitive limitations and biases—one’s myopia. Our myopia is the obstacle common to all strategic situations.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters” by Richard Rumelt, 2017

“Take your strategy. Apply it to 3 random companies. If it sounds like it would be something they would want (“more money,” “more customers,” etc.), then it’s not a strategy,”

Adrian Howard, 2022

“Instead of well-designed strategies plotted out in sealed boardrooms, executives needed strategies dynamic enough to receive market feedback and flexible enough to evolve.”

How to Make Big Old Companies Act Fast, Pia Lauritzen 2021

“Anticipate your boss’ needs before they do. Help them with prioritization as much as possible. In the same way, they shield you from upper management, shield them from details that are not important – a boss that wants insights into every detail needs micromanagement coaching, and you can help too.”

Tristan Lombard, 2022

The way we have always thought about strategy is very centralized and top-down. That’s controlling and directive – and leads to very detailed strategic plans. We need to move towards something lighter driven by a shared purpose.

Rachel Happe, Control Is For Amateurs: Empower The Community To Change The Culture In Your Organization, 2018

“When you learn Wardley Mapping, you may build better situational awareness than your boss has and a better one than anyone in your time. Unfortunately, you are doomed unless you know how to sell your strategy to other people and whether you can sell it in the first place. Nobody will act on your thinking.”

Krzysztof ‘Chris’ Daniel: You need to sell your strategy! 2022

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