I know it is your job – but thank you anyway

Praise people, recognize people, say thank you. The trick behind it is a simple application of behavioral analysis – you get what you recognize: Speak about the good deeds, ignore the bad – but set the line on the ugly. Simple example: If you give your screaming kids candy in the supermarket, they scream to get it next time. Say “no” if they take candy. But what ever you do – praise them for helping daddy shopping. And that goes for adults too! 🙂

I lead many kinds of people indirectly – I coach, mentor, suggest, encourage, question, challenge – and test:

  • Skilled people from India and Ukraine
  • Skilled people from the business domains
  • Support staff, sales staff, operations and telco technicians
  • Business subject matter experts and user experience specialist
  • Developers, Project managers and bosses
  • The young people helping out in the family household
  • The kids in the scout (FDF) group I’m a volunteer leader in
  • My two boys

The most important leadership tip I have is to say – Well done, thank you!  I know it is your job occasionally to work on weekends and nights and evenings – but thank you, it made a difference to me. I know you will be helping me for a day, and still have to do your “day job”. I recognize you – I see you. I know Suresh said “Jesper encouraged me to go beyond my regular assigned tasks and contribute more to the organization.” Thank you Suresh – I appreciate your effort. Boys – I know you are supposed to learn to do your home work, but good job anyways on completing it today.


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And thank you for reading 🙂

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