Anyone can beat us, unless we are the best

At Lego, business is child’s play – Business 360 – Blogs Dec 2011 ]

When I make my annual Christmas speech to employees, I say, guys, it is up to us, because anybody can compete with us, anyone can beat us, unless we are the best.

There are two things about working in a kindergarten: One is you are dealing with children and, at least in this country, they don’t care what you are telling them. They care about what kind of role model you are and how you can influence them. You need to manage the informal organization as much as the formal authority structure.

It’s not the bricks – it’s the strategy that’s important.¨

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3 thoughts on “Anyone can beat us, unless we are the best

  1. […] The case of  ISO 29119 (DK link) – there is no such thing as a complete body of knowledge for software testing. It  may seem to add value to PMbook everything, but the work merely reduced the very process of all testing activities to a checking commodity, easily cost-down-driven and shipped away.  Cost is no longer the differentiator – We are here to add value! If not we will be beaten. […]


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