Test Master S1:E1

In Taskmaster (the TV show) celebreties are rated on solving challenges. At Test Bash Manchester 2020 the participants got a challenge too. A good interactive challenge, where you had to think outside the box. Encore MoT Team!

I’m not usually a fan of celebrity shows, but puzzle solving activities in Task Master show taps right into creative thinking and thinking outside the box. I get a kick of challenges that are not by the book… 😉

In the TV show the celebrities and comedians are tasked with challenges like: Stack things – without being able to see, you have 10 minutes – Time starts now.

International versions of the programme have been made in Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Denmark (as above), Norway, Finland and the US (according to Wikipedia). The Guardian has this article about it: ‘Rage, clumsiness and brains’: the joy of Taskmaster, TV’s funniest show.

Initially you could think it’s all about the requirements, or the brief, i.e. You’ve been challenged to record the most creative way to get a piece of paper in a bin. While you have to solve the challenge – the key actually to test the brief. When you analyze what’s not there, and bend the words that are – that’s when you have the innovative edge case that impress the most. Go Bruce!

While the award was not for a golden head of BossBoss Richard and no-one misused/involved the assistant DojoBoss Mark this online conference interactive activity is hopefully on for another season.

I was presenting “When Subject Matter Experts test” at Test Bash Manchester 2020. As I mentioned the FDF activity of making fireballs in my talk, my submission had to involve setting the paper in fire:

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