I wonder if

I wonder if… the Norwegian and Swedish texts are correct on this picture:

2015-10-29 21.38.35

I wonder if is surely among the things that I as a tester say  or think a lot. You will also hear me cheer when we find a critical bug. Every defect / bug / observation  / issue / problem / incident we find is our chance to learn about the product. It’s a natural part of the game to find things and then to handle them. Defer them if so inclined, mitigate the risks, fix the bugs, update the  processes – but always take a decision based on the new knowledge you have.


Here are some other things I often say:

revert_thatsodd  strange

Originally at the Ministry of Testing Facebook page,  but the twists above are mine.

5 thoughts on “I wonder if

  1. I never knew the Danes spoke Finnish 🙂
    But a question back for you. Playing devil’s advocates a bit, I wonder if… the developers feel good about themselves when you cheer at critical bugs? And whether it makes them more likely to trust the test team in future?


    • Jenny – excellent challenge!
      If there is a good learning culture in the team, then it doesn’t matter.
      On a personal note I try not to be the destroyer of the solution, so that’s a factor.
      And I always follow up with … “well, maybe not good anyways”.


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