So Everything Must Be Tested?

Everything? Really? A 100% Coverage(1) of everything? As in E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g?  nah…

“Something must be tested” … oh wait (2) …

“Something – that matters to someone who matters – must be tested”.

So who matters – who decides what to test?

“Something – that matters to the stakeholders(3) of the project – must be tested”

Use both right and left brain parts (The Right Brain for the future) remember! 

“Something – that matters to the stakeholders of the project – must be explored and confirmed” 

So what is this something that matters?

“A solution that solves a problem for the stakeholders – must be explored and confirmed

Must? Always? MustShouldCanWould (MoSCoW) ? Everytime?  OK OK

“A solution that solves a problem for the stakeholders will be explored and confirmed within a given business context“. In short –The scope of testing is a business decision

Cartoon Tester: Coverage
Cartoon Tester: Coverage



2: “A bug is something that matters to someone who matters .. to me” (Cem Kaner, Brett PettiChord

3: Stakeholders – in the broadest sense: developers, customers, users,…

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