Lego Role Models for Girls

Who had the family’s largest LEGO set his Christmas – not the boys (age 8-10), neither the “boys” (age 40 and up) – it wasn’t me* – but the 11-year-old girl and her 8 wheel 42008 Service Truck – 1276 pieces, power functions, pneumatic, gears and 44 cm forcefulness. There was no boy band merchandize, no glitter or similar gender framing. Quite a project – as is the story about the “Research Institute” mini-figure set.

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People are people – despite their labels

I generally despise the “despite” in the following sentences

I’d rather we use a child with autism, a child with ADHD, a person with asperger… A mother, a woman, a Dane, a black person – a person. Children with a diagnosis is so much more than the diagnosis – they are children. People are so much more that their labels, they are people first – labels second.


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it’s your greatest skill that matter

it is increasingly a worker’s greatest skill, not his average skill level, that matters. As capitalism has grown more adept at disaggregating tasks, workers can focus on what they do best, and managers are challenged to make room for brilliant, if difficult, outliers. 

This march toward greater specialization, combined with the pressing need for expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, so-called STEM workers, suggests that the prospects for (knowledge *) workers will be on the rise in the coming decades. If the market can forgive people’s weaknesses, then they will rise to the level of their natural gifts.

The above is from  The Autism Advantage – I have replaced the word “autistic” at the * with KNOWLEDGE and it’s probably true for most knowledge jobs – including software testing 🙂

Hire Autistic People; Here’s Why | | January 3, 2013]

“It will be an economic failure if the new wave of high school graduates can’t be employed. All these kids have talent and ability and a tremendous capacity to contribute. We have to stop thinking that all employees have to be the same, with the same skills, the same attributes.”

For example, anything very repetitious and detail-oriented, work that requires great visual memory for the spotting of anomalies. You might not often think of someone with autism in terms of communication but they can be fantastic at understanding rules-bound communication, where it matters exactly what can and can’t be said to whom. 

The Autism Advantage | New York Times | November 29 2012]

This emerging understanding of autism may change attitudes toward autistic workers. But intelligence, even superior intelligence, isn’t enough to get or keep a job. Modern office culture — with its unwritten rules of behavior, its fluid and socially demanding work spaces — can be hostile territory for autistic people, who do better in predictable environments and who tend to be clumsy at shaping their priorities around other people’s requirements.

dad blackbelt

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More women in testing

I see more women in software testing than among developers in general. Too bad that the ratio among developers is low – but good for software testing :-). It is proof to me that Software testing is a skill of many skills and that people from different backgrounds come together to make the testing groups diverse. Some (women) come with strong domain expertise and user experiences others with people skills – and others with tech skills on par with the best. How to get more women in software testing and tech – Miss more in the pink aisle perhaps.

So I probably need both a question mark and exclamation point in the title…

Why I want there to be more women in the software industry|  May 17th, 2012 | Duana Saskia Stanley ]

It’s all about different cultures. Men and women don’t just have different physical characteristics, we have significantly different cultures which have developed over a long time and change slowly.

We have significantly different hair and clothing styles.  They say we have different ways of communicating. And as groups we almost certainly have different assumptions about the world.

The Build-A-Tester Workshop |  MARCH 13, 2012 | jlottosen ]

you might find initial engagement and strengths in a team of like-minded people – the team with the right mix of types for the context has the best options and is likely to be more successful. Said in other words a team consisting of only one ”type” would be good at only a few things and not so good in the rest.

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What you have learned becomes irrelevant

Share more, Learn more | MARCH 18, 2012 |  ]

the shelf-life of the body of knowledge for a particular technology is growing ever shorter

what you have learned in the past becomes increasingly less relevant

we need to change the balance of our time spent learning, doing and sharing in favor of sharing and learning

to continue to perform the work and deliver the services that are in demand

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Best Toys for Boys, Ever

The 5 Best Toys of All Time| January 31, 2011 | , Wired ]

1. Stick

2. Box

3. String

4. Cardboard Tube

5. Dirt

“Most exciting things ever” photo by Flickr user pfly. Used under Creative Commons License.

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Unge med Asperger kan godt få en uddannelse skriver “Succes: Autister består studentereksamen“. Det er der i sig selv ikke noget nyt i. Studentereksamen har været der i mange mange år og mennesker med Asperger problematikker – endnu længere. Ja, også før 1994, hvor det blev en godkendt diagnose i Danmark. Se bare på DTU:

Det der er nyt er at (lad mig kalde det) “Special gymnasieklasser” giver studenter med samme gennemsnit og delvis højere beståelsegrad som landsgennemsnittet. At det giver disse mennesker muligheder for udvikling.

På Paderup Gymnasium i Randers, fortæller pædagogisk leder, Helle Boelskifte, at undervisningen har krævet, at der maksimalt var 10 elever i klassen, og at eleverne har fået ekstra støtte. Men rent fagligt har de modtaget nøjagtig samme undervisning som de andre elever, og til eksamen er de gået op på nøjagtig samme vilkår som de andre elever, siger hun.  Men foreløbige meldinger viser, at de klarer sig bedre i små studiemiljøer end i store, og at de trives bedst med individuelle studier frem for gruppearbejde.

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