We Have Been Here All Along

It’s more mainstream to have a hidden disability – as the Sunflower program is an example of. It’s no longer something you are institutionalized or put away for. It’s something people live with – some with considerable impacts others with less impact. And some people where it changes from day to day. Neurodiverse people have been here all along – when you look for it.

Neurodiverse people have been here all along – when you look for it. And so have the LGBTQIA – by the way.

One of my favorite articles is Wired covered in 2001: The Geek Syndrome. 22 years ago. It’s especially prevalent in math, engineering, and computer science fields. Back then I met a company that had never had “someone like me”. But I’m sure they had their share as they recruited primarily among computer science master’s degrees. They could figure out support for the physically disabled – but never understood the neurodiverse. I learned to be very careful in disclosing my traits – even as a white male cis and highly educated person. I wonder what the experience would have been for a less privileged. Luckily things are generally improving. Recently I heard that the local computer science master’s program is updating its pedagogical approach to fit the students’ neurodivergence. Finally! Those fields have had neurodivergent people for at least the last 30 years.

disabilities can be permanent, temporary, or situational, and many times, they are not even visible

The Case for Accessibility https://devblogs.microsoft.com/xamarin/the-journey-to-accessible-apps/

I read recently that the autism diagnosis criteria are when neurotypical struggle and are under stress. To me, the diagnosis is mostly an evaluation of behavior. Any person can struggle with social cues, executive functioning, etc. especially when a person is stressed. Similar to the Microsoft accessibility chart (quoted above) a disability can be permanent or temporary. To some, it’s an identity, and to others a trait. We are people. I was officially diagnosed around 10 years ago when my oldest got his and the youngest was heading for one too. I had had the traits since childhood – and I have been here all along. I have found the strength and inspiration to be more open about it from Rosie, Kris, Katrine, Thomas, and Rachel. Thank you 🙏🌻

Autism is still widely regarded as a “disorder,” but this view has been challenged in recent years by proponents of the neurodiversity model, which holds that autism and other neurocognitive variants are simply part of the natural spectrum of human biodiversity, like variations in ethnicity or sexual orientation (which have also been pathologized in the past). Ultimately, to describe autism as a disorder represents a value judgment rather than a scientific fact.


The Testing, not the Testers

Occasionally I see posts and discussions, where testers are indignated that this and this company has no testers. How could they! Or similarly when a product is released publicly with significant issues: See – it’s because they have no testers! Or that the testers are not taken seriously. OMG!

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First Rule of Summer

My first rule of summer vacation is: Eat an ice cream every day. It could be bought, it can come from the freezer on boxes or on sticks – or it can be a Sun Lolly (Brain freeze). It’s a treat, sometimes days it’s a trip – other days served while watching a movie. There is also a price issue… unfortunately. Sometimes I say very sternly that it’s time for ice cream. They find the stern voice it hilarious when it’s something they do like. Crazy daddy – do it again.


Remember to make your vacation days special – celebrate with treats (edible and others). Check out from work completely and let time fly. Sign out from work emails. Keep the work bosses and game bosses and bad thoughts at bay with an ice cream a day.

Who is on your conference conferring card

Conferences are for conferring – and meeting people. Looking at the coming fall season of conferences – whom of the speakers will be on your dance card for a chat. There are two columns for each conference:

  • What speakers have you previously met, so that they know you?
  • What speakers have you had contact with on twitter & blogs, so that they know you?

The list with a good portion of wish-full thinking and pixi dust, currently at 2 confirmed participation in the below conferences.


 Who have your met?

 Who will you meet IRL?

 Star West,October 2013
  • Rob Sabourin
  • Paul Holland
  • Dorothy graham
  • Johanna Rothman

  • Dawn Haynes
  • Pradeep Soundararajan

  • Griffin Jones
  • Jon Bach
  • Julie gardiner
  • Geoff hoerne
  • Lee coupland
  • Karen N Johnson
  • Alan Page
  • Michael Kelly
  • Matt heusser
  • Christin Wiedemann,
 GOTO Aarhus, October 2013Going – yearh!
  • Aino Vonge Corry
  • Shmuel Gershon

  • Karsten Telling
  • Martin Brynskov

  • Dan North
  • Mads Troels Hansen
 Agile Testing Days, October 2013Going – yearh!
 Oredev, November 2013
  • Julian Harty
  • Ann-Marie Charrett
  • Michael Larsen
 EuroStar, November 2013
  • James Lyndsay
  • James Christie
  • Pradeep Soundararajan
  • Paul Holland
  • Johan Jonasson
  • Huib Schoots
  • Johan Åtting
  • Jean-Paul Varwijk
  • Carsten Feilberg
  • Rob Lambert
  • Fiona Charles
  • Zeger van Hese
  • Morten Hougaard
  • Andy Glover
  • Paul Gerrard
  • Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Keith Klain
  • Anna Baik
  • Amy Phillips
  • Stuart Reid

Charlie Brown Dance Card
as seen on http://candychang.com/christmas2/

Disclaimer: GOTO Aarhus 2013 is sponsoring my attendance as a blogger.