Newspapers are for old folks

“I know what a newspaper is – it’s something for old folks. Only old folks call their media a newspaper, and only old people care whether a media, that calls it self a newspaper, is a news paper. … The term newspaper only makes sense to those that have grown up with newspaper as the only media source (both radio, TV & paper form).” [my translation]

I read so many media sources as feeds, that I forget from whom I read the .. news. As they all receive from Reuters anyways, and just rewrite the titles – makes it even less relevant.


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LEGO community – key social media lessons

The key lessons:

  1. Make the top 25% advocates gather and share the great stories.
  2. Do it on a site that sends people to the stories, not fence them in.

Lego Launches a New Social Media Platform by GeekDad @

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