First Rule of Summer

My first rule of summer vacation is: Eat an ice cream every day. It could be bought, it can come from the freezer on boxes or on sticks – or it can be a Sun Lolly (Brain freeze). It’s a treat, sometimes days it’s a trip – other days served while watching a movie. There is also a price issue… unfortunately. Sometimes I say very sternly that it’s time for ice cream. They find the stern voice it hilarious when it’s something they do like. Crazy daddy – do it again.


Remember to make your vacation days special – celebrate with treats (edible and others). Check out from work completely and let time fly. Sign out from work emails. Keep the work bosses and game bosses and bad thoughts at bay with an ice cream a day.

Release now, the joy you had and let it flourish

On stage for closing of #LetsTest2013
On stage for closing of #LetsTest2013

Perhaps you will forgive me if I turn from my own words to lyrics of a song:

It was fun being along – could it be forever long. I am saving thoughts of joy – inside of me.

Now remember, others saved – to go and share to you.

Release now, the joy you had and let it flourish

Listen to others, give them some – that for you have also come.

Not only hid the joyousness inside you.

If you try to herd  joy given – to keep it on your own.

It never comes around, when most you need it;

So when someone reaches out, share all you have around,

And surely joy and laughter is around you.

[The FDF songbook #75, my translation]