Teaser – A Guidebook to Leading Testing

While my first book was on the more advanced topic of visual test strategies my next book will be an entry-level guide to people moving into test management and test leadership roles – primarily for all those without a background in testing. But also for testers moving into leadership, as Meg below.

@cactusflamingo asks: Folks who moved into test leadership roles – what do you wish you could go back and tell yourself before you started?

I have been playing with the idea of it being a guidebook to these destinations:

  • The Sea of Testing Know-How
  • The Community Deep
  • The Pearly Personalities
  • The Leadership Lands
  • Management meadows
  • Shallow Shores
  • Project roadways
  • Transition highways
  • Agile release trains
  • Artifact wetlands
  • Document pitfalls
  • The Certification Wastelands
  • Rivers of Tenacity
  • And the various tool towns scattered across the land

Which parts of the testing world would you need a guidebook for? Let’s see how it goes – the voice and style will more likely be similar to the first. Currently, the introduction starts with the following verse

Once upon a time, 
our protagonist set out on a quest to lead a testing activity.
While they searched and searched across the world,
they found no clear map to guide their quest.
And there, my friend, is where this story begins.

But do sign up for alerts here: https://leanpub.com/ltabook/

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