Reframing the five levels of know-how

Have you heard about snow plow testing yet?

Have you googled it?

What did you do with the search results?

[ Recognise and Acknowledge Your Skills  | Ministry Of Testing – The Testing Planet | June 2013]

This 5 level rating of skills is nothing new, and perhaps you use a rating with more or less steps in your context. Perhaps it’s very detailed, with very discrete steps – or perhaps it’s just a guideline, a floating value between “a little” and “a lot”.

  Google level  Snow plow testing
Level 0 – No knowledge I’ll haven’t searched it Never heard of it
Level 1 – Mentee I searched – and read the results page Heard of it, can do with help
Level 2 – Independent I read the linked material Can do without help
Level 3 – Mentor I wrote the material being found Can teach others
Level 4 – Mastery I search for new practices Focus on contexts

2013-01-26 19.05.11

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