Meet the famous people

So there’s a conference in town, and you’re not going – but you want to say hi to some of the great people: speakers and attendees in real life. IT might be that you have read their book, it might be that you have read their blog, it might be that you follow them on twitter. It will probably be that you have never meet them in person before, but you have had contact with them at work or similarly.

So what to do

The last item wasn’t easy to achieve, since the conference company restricted the maneuverability of the speaker and reliable internet connections failed us both. Still we did manage to meet in real life and spend ten minutes in a morning coffee break chatting.
CSC meet-up @jlottosen & @cflanagan at #jboye11, Aarhus (pic: @Louise_K_jansen). Would NVR happend without #SocialMedia


Disclaimer: GOTO Aarhus 2013 is sponsoring my attendance as a blogger.

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