Just connect the lines of the Mnemonic: RANSLIRPA

Requirements, Automation, Noun and Verb Technique, Standards, Language, IEEE, viRtualization, Parallel computing , Algoritmic rules

  1. Quality is the capability of a software product to conform to requirements
  2. All requirements can be expressed in a language, that have nouns, verbs and adjectives
  3. The language analysis tells us what will be the testcases of the requirements
  4. All testcases can be derived from the attributes, capabilities and components
  5. All test design techniques can be applied to assure complete coverage
  6. All testcases can be automated because they derive from a simple language structure
  7. All testcases can be automatically executed using parallel computing
  8. All parallel computing power can be created using virtualization
  9. Virtualization can remove the need for off-shoring and outsourcing
  10. BONUS: Trace-ability can be made from requirements to testcases
  11. BONUS: Requirements containing expected results will assure that all testcases pass

It’s sooooo easy – just google it