Can you help me?

4 Powerful Words Employees Need to Hear | | Dec 2012 ]

When you ask that way several powerful things immediately occur–especially for the other person: 

  • you instantly convey respect.
  • you instantly convey trust
  • you instantly convey you’re willing to listen

And then, best of all, you get to say two more incredibly powerfull words: Thank you

10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day |, Jeff Haden, January 2013 ]

  • “Here’s what I’m thinking.”
  • “I was wrong.”
  • “That was awesome.”
  • “You’re welcome.”
  • “Can you help me?”
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “Can you show me?”
  • “Let me give you a hand.”
  • “I love you.”
  • … Nothing.

And in the process you’ll show vulnerability, respect, and a willingness to listen–which, by the way, are all qualities of a great leader.



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