Testers are developers too – and the other way around

[ GOTO Aarhus 2012 – Is it time for developers to move beyond unit tests? | Rasmus Møller Selsmark | August 27, 2012 ]

Now I’ve got the chance to participate in a GOTO conference, which seems to be a true developer conference, by not having “Tester” as an option in the Role field when you register – I registered myself as “Other” 


So apparently for GOTO – “Test is not an option” not even for Software Developers in Test (microsoft) or Google Software Test Engineers – we have to go by “others” – go undercover (DK only link).

But the thing is – is when you think about it. Many testers write code – the whole test automation is BIG (see StarWest, StarEast, EuroStar …) – and yet an old story. (We need new testing ideas , http://angryweasel.com/blog/?p=449). Also even more developers test – as Rasmus points out, many many developers more beyond unit tests. Consider the Software testing pyramid by Watir that is gaing a lot of traction.

Dear developers and testers, and all in between – we have a common goal: If your software doesn’t solve the problem it was intended to solve, it does NOT work — even if all your test cases pass.

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(Official blogger for GOTO Aarhus 2012 )

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