More women in testing

I see more women in software testing than among developers in general. Too bad that the ratio among developers is low – but good for software testing :-). It is proof to me that Software testing is a skill of many skills and that people from different backgrounds come together to make the testing groups diverse. Some (women) come with strong domain expertise and user experiences others with people skills – and others with tech skills on par with the best. How to get more women in software testing and tech – Miss more in the pink aisle perhaps.

So I probably need both a question mark and exclamation point in the title…

Why I want there to be more women in the software industry|  May 17th, 2012 | Duana Saskia Stanley ]

It’s all about different cultures. Men and women don’t just have different physical characteristics, we have significantly different cultures which have developed over a long time and change slowly.

We have significantly different hair and clothing styles.  They say we have different ways of communicating. And as groups we almost certainly have different assumptions about the world.

The Build-A-Tester Workshop |  MARCH 13, 2012 | jlottosen ]

you might find initial engagement and strengths in a team of like-minded people – the team with the right mix of types for the context has the best options and is likely to be more successful. Said in other words a team consisting of only one ”type” would be good at only a few things and not so good in the rest.

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6 thoughts on “More women in testing

  1. Comment from female tester: I want more men in testing! Testers are mostly women – with low salaries and low prestige. More men will boost salary levels and prestige. #interesting


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