More standards are not the solution

More standards and certifications for software testing is not the solution.

The case of  ISO 29119 (DK link) – there is no such thing as a complete body of knowledge for software testing. It  may seem to add value to PMbook everything, but the work merely reduced the very process of all testing activities to a checking commodity, easily cost-down-driven and shipped away.  Cost is no longer the differentiator – We are here to add value! If not we will be beaten.

It may again seem value-driven (on the here and now costs) that customers can “shop” services – but it’s not innovation, it’s packaging. As the shelf-life of the body of knowledge for a particular technology is growing ever shorter [What you have learned becomes irrelevant]

Innovation comes with trying – and testing ideas outside the comfort zones, not piling up data well inside the comfort zones.

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