Work Smarter, not Harder

[ If In Doubt – Learn! | 7th September 2010 | Therese Hansen ]

Last year, when the world was in crisis mode, I could understand why people, when asked if they want to go …, said, that their boss wouldn’t let them and that the conference budget for the whole year was cancelled.

The business is always busy when there is no economic crisis. Some IT-companies was even busy when the crisis was peaking. Such is IT.

The diffence between now and then is that now the workers that did not get to go to the conference last year and probably wont get to go this year are outdated. They haven’t taken the time to get their qualifications updated the last few years and the tech world is moving terrible fast. Some don’t know what the whole NoSQL-thing is about, some haven’t heard much about HTML5 and some haven’t heard anything about the mobile phone development department.

Now the crisis is over and companies are getting business deals that demands skills in that department and their current workforce can’t deliver. They should have been working smarter, not harder!

It is better to train people and risk they leave – than do nothing and they stay.

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