@The_Whole_Outsourcing_Industry: Labor arbitrage built your house of cards. #Bubble What’s next? | DECEMBER 13TH, 2011 | Horses for sources]

So, in the midst of economic haircuts, CIOs surrendered by outsourcing their staff to offshore companies that brought CMM and ITIL process rigor.  Yet, these efforts did little to simplify underlying application and infrastructure platforms that drove their high costs.

Today’s wiser buyers know that the value of accounts payable, procurement, or customer service shouldn’t be equated to its cost per invoice, PO, or call.  They want value.

 if buyers fail to establish the right governance leadership, they will fail to achieve their ultimate goals.

Se also Cost is no longer the differentiator, get ready to deliver servicesAre you an outsourcing pro, or a global business pro?