We need introverts to do what they do best

when it comes to creativity and to leadership we need introverts to do what they do best 

the most creative people are very good at exchanging ideas and advancing ideas – but also have a serious streak of introversion, solutide is a crucial element

the more freedom that we give the introverts to be themselfes the more likely they are to come up with their own unique solutions to these problems

2 thoughts on “We need introverts to do what they do best

  1. [ http://www.inc.com/sonya-chudgar/neurotic-introverts-are-your-top-team-members.html%5D : Neurotic Introverts Are the Best Team Players
    // Qualities that make extroverts seem like strong workers, such as their assertiveness and dominance, raise team members’ expectations of them.

    Extroverts in the study were also more likely to be poor listeners and indifferent to input from other team members. Ultimately, over the 10-week period, this tension caused extroverts to disappoint their groups and underwhelm their peers’ expectations.

    Rising to the occasion were the neurotic group members. Neurotics’ personalities are the kind that get highly engaged with tasks, researchers said, leaving them to gain status among the group members by surpassing their low expectations.//


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