Are you an outsourcing pro, or a global business pro?

Why today’s outsourcing industry is a sham | MARCH 24TH, 2012 | Horses4Sources]

If you base your entire career living in a perpetual outsourcing transaction-cycle involving hordes of staff transfers and staff re-badging, then, fair enough – YOU REALLY ARE AN OUTSOURCING PROFESSIONAL.  

However, if you want to focus your career on improving processes, finding new and creative ways to improve companies’ productivity and growth, and leverage today’s availability of global talent into the bargain, aren’t you probably what we are calling a GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES PRO?

[The great outsourcing sham redux

 | MARCH 29TH, 2012 | Horses4Sources]

“Outsourcing” common interests should be segmented into two “industries”:
1) The Labor Arbitrage Industry. … if achieving little more than operational efficiency and low-cost delivery is all they care really about,

2) The Business Services Industry about achieving new value and new productivity … let’s focus on Business Services and the process acumen, domain expertise, technology and global delivery required to make this all happen.

(Bold is my Emphasis) See also todays innovation becomes tomorrows commodity

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