Routinized and bespoke activities

It’s not just for knowledge workers anymore | December 9, 2011 }

Every business runs on a combination of routinized and bespoke activities. Running the trains in and out of London may routinized, but when a train breaks down the work becomes very bespoke. Tier 1 customer support is routinized; Tier 2-3 customer support is bespoke.

Routinized and bespoke activities require different types of supporting tools. Routinized activities require process tools to run the activity at scale as efficiently as possible, with as little variation as possible. Bespoke activities require a toolkit, a basket of techniques, tools, tips, tricks, and experts upon which a practitioner can draw to meet the needs of the moment.

Which type of activity should your business try to optimize? My answer: Both.

It’s not just for knowledge workers anymore – neither is it only for Social Media Software. It’s key for your job and your competencies – that you uses both parts. … of the brain

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