[ Enterprise Strategies blog | Feb 28, 2011 | Andy Jankowski ]

If the focus is on the tools being used, the effort generally fails.

If the focus is on people and process, the effort generally succeeds.

I firmly believe that any enterprise social implementation should begin by looking across a business at which business processes can and should be improved by changing the process to leverage enterprise social capabilities. I also believe that training people on tools puts the emphasis on the wrong things (e.g., which buttons to click), but that training people on new socially-enabled ways of working is paramount.

  1. What business problems do you have that could be solved by collaborating better internally? 
  2. What business processes are involved in the cited business problems?  
  3. How could you change the way management and employees execute these processes to address the cited business problems?
  4. How will we educate and train management and employees on this new way of working?

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