ROI of enterprise social software

I came to think of the following, besides user count & pages count:

  • Number of attachments pr. internal email
    • Less attachments could be a result of more documents on shared sites
    • Less attachments could save mailbox costs
  • Number of questions asked – summarized number of points awarded for replies
    • How well is the platform for questions/discussions
  • Time to find stuff we need
    • Do we find materials and information quickly and the first time
    • Can we utilitize the weak links across location and account to reach out

Another way to measure social media success |  {grow} Community Member Eric Pratum | Dec 2012 ]

What if it’s more valuable for some businesses to look at the money they save versus the money they make as a result of social media use?

[The BrainYard | juni 16, 2011 | Jacob Morgan |Is There An ROI For Enterprise Collaboration Tools? ]

  • 77% are seeing faster access to knowledge
  • 60% are reducing communication costs
  • 52% are seeing faster access to internal experts
  • 44% are cutting travel costs
  • 41% are seeing increased employee satisfaction

See also In-the-Flow and above the flow


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