Cost is no longer the differentiator

[ Horses for sources | JANUARY 9TH, 2012 | Deborah Kops ]

Yes, cost prudence is always an ongoing concern, but it’s no longer the differentiator; today it’s embedded in all forms of operation strategy and planning. Hence, this means enterprises’ prime focus is fast becoming global and not solely about being low-cost. This also means providers need to service their clients as global partners with global delivery capability.

See also: todays innovation becomes tomorrows commodity

Originally at Sourcing Sage

5 thoughts on “Cost is no longer the differentiator

  1. How to Adjust to the Changing Face of Software Testing

    //Most of the improvement models used to rationalize the commoditized testing approach use strictly quantitative metrics to assess quality or measure improvement, an approach which breaks down rather quickly beyond any first-order metrics,” says Klain. “There is an increased focus on business value and testing skills, which means you have to bring more to the table than just the ability to do it cheaper.”//


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